Real Racing 3 Teaser- Get Pumped Edition

As Real Racing 3's February 27 release date draws near, Electronic Arts and Firemonkeys hope to keep interest levels high, and the latest teaser is a good place to start. While a bit short on actual game footage (and short in general at 29 seconds), you'll catch a glimpse of action, however brief.

In fact, you'll also spy a quote from us. Don't worry. We're not here to brag. After all, we awarded the game a three-out-of-five, despite the "blew us away" trailer quote.

Where did those words come from? A previous article (not the Real Racing 3 review), following a hands-on demo that lasted a couple of minutes. Suffice to say, the visuals had us drooling. Of course, to find out the early verdict on Real Racing 3, you should read our review.