Zen Pinball 3D

Many developers have a niche, a genre they specialize in. For Zen Studios, it's pinball, no question. The company has made quite a name for itself with a variety of critically acclaimed efforts, from the superb Marvel Pinball to the equally sublime Pinball FX 2.

One of its biggest titles, though, is Zen Pinball, which impressed players on both iOS and PlayStation 3.

Now the talented group have turned its attention to 3DS with the recently announced Zen Pinball 3D, a game that will hopefully serve as the perfect example of how to take advantage of not only the hardware, but also the eShop.

This portable version of the smash hit comes with four unique tables fans have come to know and love, re-mastered in glasses free 3D and featuring multiple points of view.

The first, Earth Defense, sends players into battle against hostile aliens trying to take over the planet.

Shaman, meanwhile, casts them as novice sorcerers charged with learning magic to summon spectacular phenomena.

Then we have Excalibur, a middle ages inspired table that gives users a chance to become a Knight of the Round Table.

Finally, there's Eldorado, an Indiana Jones style environment featuring unexplored jungles, an ancient civilization and buried treasure.

That sounds enjoyable, but there's more. Zen Studios plans to include local hot seat multiplayer, as well as the coolest feature of all, online leaderboards and table rankings. At least this way, you can compare scores with the rest of the world.

On top of that, each table comes with specific missions to complete. Perform well to raise your High Score Ranking that includes results across all four tables. You'll also contribute to the Team Score, which has both your totals as well as your friends'.

All of this should make Zen Pinball 3D one of the eShop's coolest games while serving as a blueprint on how to maximize the system's potential. Look for it this fall.