WarioWare: Twisted!

Oh that Nintendo! Them and their... creating new gameplay experiences! Fresh off the release of the touch-screen tap-fest that is WarioWare: Touched! comes a new game for the Game Boy Advance called WarioWare: Twisted! It's yet another shining example of why Nintendo is the biggest risk taker in the business, and after getting a look at this game, I can't wait to get my grubby mitts on it.

One of the best things about the WarioWare series (aside from the casbah-rockin' gameplay) is Nintendo's decision to include a rather detailed back story for each and every version. Well, Twisted! is no different. In this game, Wario clumsily breaks his SP. Luckily for him, Dr. Crygor is able to fix it, but he doesn't just restore it to its original factory condition. Oh no! Instead, he soups it up with a device that allows Wario to play his games via twisting his system.

Because we all know Mario's evil cousin is all about the Benjamins, he sets off to maximize his profits through the devising of some truly unique microgames with help from his friends such as Mona, 9 Volt, and Dribble & Spitz.

Nintendo has to be aware of how simple it would be to just remake the first WarioWare and pump it full of some new mini games. Thankfully, instead of crafting a "yesterday's news" sequel, Wario and Co. have once again reinvented the wheel. In this case, by equipping the Twisted! cartridge with a gyro sensor that detects movement.

Rather than touching the screen or tapping the buttons like in previous versions, the majority of the game's 200-plus microgames require you to move your GBA in all sorts of funky directions. The sensor is sophisticated enough to know when you move right and left. For example, remember that microgame where you need to press left and right on the d-pad to maneuver a ball through a maze? In Twisted!, you'll actually move your SP to clear the ball. It's a unique, dare I say it, "twist" on a great concept! Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!

Other notable microgames including shaving a man's face, guiding a creature along a rickety bridge, moving a race car to avoid obstacles, chopping things with a sword, and pulling some green guy's mouth open so food can drop in. There will probably be some old favorites as well, but using the gyro sensor to beat them should in one way make them feel somewhat fresh and original.

I must say that Nintendo's really done a great job with this game's graphics. While for the most part Twisted! looks like the other WarioWare games, it features some really cool 2D and 3D animation effects. There's one in particular that sticks out, where there is a board with holes slowly revolving around a ramp that has a dog on it. You need to place the dog in such a way so it passes through the holes (and therefore doesn't get squashed). It's a cool pseudo-3D effect and there are others like it, making this entry the best-looking game in the series.

Not only does Twisted look cool because it's WarioWare, but it also does exciting things with the GBA hardware. Since Nintendo's been all about giving us new ways to play old games as of late, I'm pretty psyched about putting this latest WarioWare through its paces. Be sure to "twist" your way to stores when the game releases March 21. Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!