WarioWare 3DS: Now What?

When talking video games, the question "where were you the first time you saw WarioWare, Inc: Mega Microgame$!?" normally doesn't come up.

I've enjoyed every game in the WarioWare series, no matter the gimmick, be it camera, touch or tilt.

Well, for the record, I was in a college dorm room, watching footage of the 2003 Game Boy Advance title in action, and I couldn't help but think it was genius. Here was a concept that catered to the ADHD kid in us all, where players were forced to complete a series of mini games in rapid succession. I was hooked.

Of course, the series evolved over the course of nine years to coincide with advances in Nintendo's hardware. I went from simply pressing buttons on GBA to physically tilting the system in the exquisite WarioWare: Twisted! From there, I tapped the touch screen in the DS entry, WarioWare: Touched!, and contorted my body in the Wii title, WarioWare: Smooth Moves. Nintendo even made use of the DSi camera in the downloadable WarioWare: Snapped!

Granted, there have been other games, like WarioWare D.I.Y. for DS and its Wii counterpart, WarioWare: D.I.Y. Showcase (these titles let players build their own microgames), but for the most part, the publisher has found ways to exploit a system's best features and dream up new and imaginative ways to experience Wario's best.

3DS' built-in gryroscope could result in a Twisted! sequel.

This brings me to 3DS. It's a safe bet that the big N will bring a sequel to the handheld. What direction the company takes, however, remains to be seen.

Obviously, glasses free 3D will play a big role. That goes without saying, but Nintendo cannot build the entire game around 3D, since this feature is more of an option, something users switch on and off. You can't force them to use it.

That said, I could see a game that plays similar to Twisted. 3DS has a built-in gyroscope, which Nintendo has already put on display in games like Mario Kart 7 and Star Fox 64 3D.

WarioWare: D.I.Y. got the creative juices flowing.

Of course, 3DS also has internal and external cameras. Perhaps a revamped version of Snapped! will appear.

Actually, 3DS WarioWare may contain all these things and more, barring some revolutionary surprise. There's no reason why Nintendo would neglect the handheld's cameras, gyroscope, touch screen and 3D capabilities. Maybe it'll include a collection of mini-games that use these features, forcing players to quickly recognize which action to take. And, since D.I.Y. includes a built-in editor, that absolutely must reappear in new WarioWare games moving forward.

Taking all of this into account, Nintendo has much to work with. We'll see what happens when WarioWare 3DS (you know it's coming) officially appears.