Transformers: The Game

Some of you might have noticed that one of the major cinema releases this summer happens to be a live action film based upon the Transformers. Children and men of a certain age all over the world have been waiting for this movie event ever since the introduction of Optimus Prime and his robo-chums back in the 80s. While the movie itself will probably turn out to be one of those love it or hate it things (Like... Bumblebee? Not being a VW Beetle? What's that all about!? Sacrilege!), the fact of the matter is that it's been made to make ol' man Hollywood some nice fat piles of cash. Now, what comes with popular movies these days? The obligatory videogame naturally. This time though, there'll be no penguins or cuddly animals. Just robots blowing all kinds of hell out of each other. Definitely... no penguins.

So, whats the story behind the game? Very little has actually been revealed, as they wouldn't want to spoil the movie for you, would they? They could have at least released some platform specific screenshots instead of just releasing a few generic pictures and trailers. What has been revealed about the PSP version is what kinds of play modes are going to be present and what you should be able to get up to. The PSP version is being developed by Savage Entertainment, the guys behind the really rather excellent PSP port of Star Wars: Battlefront 2, so we can, if history proves an accurate example, expect the game to be a solid conversion of the one that's going to be appearing on the home consoles.

Sometimes it can be a little worrying that so little information has been circulated about a game so close to its release. In the past it was often a sure sign that a game wasn't exactly going to live up to its expectations. It was being snuck out under the radar, avoiding the reviews, hoping to sell on the name of its license alone. Hopefully, for Transformers fans, this isn't going to be the case and we're going to see a game that's worthy of the Transformers name and not just a cash-in. (And hopefully, the film's actually going to be pretty decent too.)

What about the actual content of the game? If you're a Transformers fan, you've probably already played the PS2 game by Atari, which is generally regarded as the best Transformers videogame so far. Where this new game based on the movie differs is in that you're no longer limited to just playing the good guys, you can have a crack at being evil too, which gives us a chance to perfect our evil laughs while crushing the feeble heroes, Muhahahaha. The game is set to feature an "expanded" version of the storyline from the movie, quite how the story runs from the Decepticon point of view should prove quite interesting. Style wise, the character designs are lifted directly from the film, so they look completely different to any Transformers you will have seen before, having a more complicated and "organic" look to them. They look to be more a little more athletic than in the past, running and leaping all over the place in ways that the clunky Transformers of old could only have dreamed about.

You will of course be able to transform your machine at the mere touch of a button, so you'll be driving or flying around the world with the greatest of ease. The game world itself looks like it's going to be a nice big free-roaming area, in which you'll have the ability to wreak all kinds of havoc. You'll be able to make good use of the scenery in thwarting those evil Decepticons, or if you happen to be one of those evil Decepticons, a chance to use what you find lying around to smash some Autobot face!

The advantage that the PSP version is going to have is going to be the ability to have online robo-brawls anywhere in the world. The game will be featuring play over ad-hoc or infrastructure mode, customization of your robots appearance and most importantly, a choice of around twenty different robots, both from the movie and from the earlier cartoons. Nice!

Transformers: The Game will be with us 19th June in the US, 20th July in Europe, so just in time for the Movie then. What a bizarre coincidence?