Super Stardust Delta

Housemarque made a name for itself with a little game called Super Stardust HD for PlayStation 3. The developer also brought the series to PSP, but players struggled to control it using the system's single analog stick.

That, thankfully, won't be a problem in the brand new Super Stardust Delta, set for release on Sony's Next Generation Portable (NGP). Thanks to the handheld's two analog sticks, they'll be able to easily dodge debris while blasting objects to smithereens.

Delta plays similar to previous Super Stardust titles, as gamers maneuver a tiny ship just within a planet's orbit. The goal? Destroy asteroids and other objects using a variety of weapons, achieving a high score in the process.

On that note, the game differs from its predecessors in a few key areas, staring with tilt controls to pan the camera, and shaking the system to launch a devastating shockwave.

Players also have the option of temporarily freezing time while making use of two new attacks. The first, the Laser Melter, lets them drop a black hole onto the planet that automatically inhales surrounding objects. The second, the Ice Laser, unleashes a barrage of missiles; weapons also have secondary attacks.

Meanwhile, the game looks stunning. Thanks to the NGP's processing muscle, the developers appear to have no trouble displaying multiple asteroids on screen, explosions and other special effects that look sharp on the five-inch display.

Bottom line, we loved Super Stardust on PS3 and Delta appears to be a worthy successor. We'll have more info in the near future.