Storm in a Teacup

Sometimes, it's better to not ask questions, especially when it comes to video games. Take Chillingo's Storm in a Teacup, for example. We asked developer Cobra Mobile why the hero floats in a magic teacup, to which they responded, "just because."

It's a strange concept, but the game's quite enjoyable. In it, you float through a series of attractive levels, where the goal is to get from point A to point B while avoiding enemies and various hazards; one hit and you're dead. Along the way, you'll complete puzzles that involve grabbing gold keys to open pencil doors and nudging objects to do all sorts of things; pushing blocks on a pulley will lower it, allowing you to reach a new area.

At the same time, the designers scattered sugar cubes throughout each level, and the game judges your performance based on how many you acquire per stage (29/29, for instance; in addition, Cobra Mobile hid stickers that'll take some skill to find.

Thankfully, the game's enjoyable, with user friendly controls and a liberal number of checkpoints. We're also fans of the storybook presentation that includes plenty of cute scenery, from e adorable main character to angry storm clouds and above/below ground environments.

All of this could make Storm in a Teacup another hit for Chillingo. We'll find out when it debuts on iPhone and iPad end of March, early April.