Sound Shapes

When the PSP launched in 2005 (2004 in Japan), Lumines was the most intriguing game, largely because of Q Entertainments splendid fusion of music and traditional block falling play. Now we have Sound Shapes, Queasy Games' quirky musical platformer that has quickly become one of the Next Generation Portable's more intriguing projects.

In it, you guide a sticky ball through a myriad of 2D environments, defying gravity by rolling up walls and along ceilings while gripping different surfaces. At the same time, you must also dodge enemies and other hazards, including lasers and specially marked red areas. In addition, you can press a button to scrunch up and move faster, though by doing so, you lose the suction cup ability.

What separates Sound Shapes from other games in the genre is the audio. Everything produces a musical note that enhances the track, be it jumping, the aforementioned lasers and a plethora of other things. The better you play, the easier it'll be to find a level's rhythm, thereby enhancing the experience.

The fact that the game comes with 30 levels is good, but what really makes it special is the included editor. By tapping the touch screen, you can create stages, combine instruments to make sweet melodies and change the notes. Then you can share these levels with other players.

It's a cool feature that automatically gives Sound Shapes an infinite source of new content, similar to LittleBigPlanet. Cross your fingers that Sony releases it as an NGP launch title.