Resistance: Retribution

Resistance: Retribution is a spin-off from the popular PlayStation 3 Resistance series, bridging the events between the first two games. However, if you've never played either one of them, that doesn't mean you're lost. What we have here is a solid action game where you can blast Chimeran forces off the face of the Earth.

Developer Insomniac Games passed the reigns to the folks at Sony Bend, who are responsible for the awesome Syphon Filter games for PSP. Like the Filter games, Retribution utilizes a similar perspective. Rather than battling Chimera forces in first-person, you do it in third-person, keeping the main character visible on-screen at all times.

The in-game events bridge together those from the first Resistance and its sequel. Former British Marine James Grayson has seen better days. He killed his brother to prevent him from transforming into a member of the vicious Chimeran army. He swears revenge by teaming up with a pair of soldiers, Cartwright and Parker, in an underground mission called Operation Overstrike. His mission? Shut down the western European Chimeran conversion process before the whole nation falls to its cause.

Sony Bend, familiar with PSP development, is pushing the system to its limits. Resistance: Retribution has far more enemies, explosions and actions happening on-screen than any of those Syphon Filter games. You'll face combat scenarios galore against all kinds of Chimeran forces, including Titans, Slipskulls and Leapers.

Resistance: Retribution will also feature a variety of weapons, including several favorites in the series and some new additions, such as the LAARK, the Carbine, the Auger, the BM001 Razor and, our personal messy favorite, the Longbow 1S-1K, which is short for "one shot, one kill", the ultimate sniper rifle.

Along with a huge single-player campaign spread across several wonderfully designed levels, you'll also find multiplayer action galore. Five game modes are available, including Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Containment and Assimilation. That last one is unique because you'll try to convert others to your side to flip the odds in your favor.

Furthermore, up to eight players will be able to jump into the action through AdHoc and Infrastructure. You can also interconnect with the Resistance web portal to post high scores and communicate with other players.

We're still a long ways off before we see Resistance: Retribution on store shelves (mid 2009), but the wait will be worth it. Sony Bend is setting out to make a good portable entry for the series, one that could lead to sequels if it does well . Be sure to check back for a hands-on report, and prepare to crumble the Chimera.