Personal Trainer: Cooking

As much as we love being on our own, cooking is always an issue. What starts out as a great idea usually turns into a messy kitchen and possibly a small explosion. Thankfully, Nintendo hopes to make five-star chefs of us all with Personal Trainer: Cooking, due out on DS November 24th. More interactive cookbook than video game, this neat piece of software will help you create delicious and exotic meals, guaranteed to impress relatives, friends and your special someone.

Personal Trainer: Cooking walks you through more than 245 recipes from 30 plus countries, including the U.S., Mexico, Hungary, France, Italy, Belgium, Argentina, Russia and Greece. Dishes include potato salad, empanadas, paella, clams in white wine, carrot salad, gazpacho and steak with chimichurri sauce. If you want, you can just go from place to place making dishes. However, there are numerous other options for finding recipes. You can search by ingredients, calories, cooking time, difficulty or from whatever you have in your fridge. Stuck with a package of chicken? Inform the game and it'll provide a list of options. You can even create a shopping list. You may look strange carrying a DS at the supermarket, but you're bound to attract curious onlookers and perhaps start conversations.

When you're ready to cook, you can either control the game through stylus or voice command, just in case things get messy. The game's digital chef will walk you through each step, and preparation videos show you what to do if you don't feel like reading. In addition, the game is full of little factoids about various ingredients, just in case you desperately need to know more about green peppers or whatever else strikes your fancy.

Unless something else blows us away, Personal Trainer: Cooking is this holiday's must have DS game. Not only does it have tons of excellent recipes, but also the easy to use interface ensures that us culinary challenged folks can transform a bunch of ingredients into a Bobby Flay style masterpiece.