Looney Tunes: Duck Amuck

The Looney Tunes have been up and down over the years when it comes to video game inclusions. Most people like to forget about the really crappy games like Bugs Bunny's Birthday Blowout or Bugs Bunny In Double Trouble, while remembering some of the better releases like Death Valley Rally and Desert Demolition. However, WayForward may be working on one of the most innovative Warner Bros.-licensed games to date, taking the idea of an older cartoon and reinvigorating it for use on the Nintendo DS. And, hey, you get to pummel Daffy Duck. Who doesn't like that?

Looney Tunes: Duck Amuck is based on a 50's cartoon where Daffy finds himself at the mercy of a revenge-seeking artist who's doing all kinds of kooky stuff to him. Dragging him into scenarios, dressing him up funny (most notably with a tail that has a "screw ball" flag on it), and just plain punishing him to no end. In the show, it turns out to be Bugs Bunny, complete with "ain't I a stinker" line). In the game, though, it's you. You're the one that puts Daffy through his paces through a series of mini-games, watching him fume and lose his mind in the process.

The cool thing about Duck Amuck is that it actually features some of the original animations from the cartoon itself. Daffy is drawn excellently, showing all kinds of personality as he scampers across screen and puts himself through his temper-fueled paces. WayForward has done a superb job implementing him into the game and letting users whisk him away through a series of games, from nailing the wrong notes on a piano (wired with explosives) to closing the DS system altogether and blindly fending off forthcoming enemies with a mallet by hitting the left and right shoulder buttons. The voicework is pretty sweet, too, with a good Mel Blanc sound-alike filling in for the original with relative ease.

Not too much was revealed about the gameplay, but its various mini-stages and fun bonus content should keep Looney Tunes fans happy to keep playing. It definitely has some innovation going for it, that's for sure. Plus, after a stressful day, what better way to relieve all that tension than to take it out on the duck that deserves it the most? I wonder if he'll gather enough gall to tell us how dispicable we are. Look for Duck Amuck in mid-September, with a full review to follow.