Kirby Mass Attack

Just because the 3DS arrived doesn't mean Nintendo killed the old reliable DS. In fact, the publisher has a handful of games on the way for its incredibly successful handheld, the most intriguing of which is Kirby Mass Attack, slated to arrive September 19.

This time, a mysterious evildoer zaps the puffball with a magic cane that splits Kirby into ten equally adorable pieces. We'd argue that ten Kirbys are better than one (more to squish), but the hero sets off on a quest to return things back to normal while giving the shadowy punk a piece of his mind.

What ensues is stylus driven 2D fun, as players use one or more Kirbys to destroy objects, battle enemies and solve puzzles.

One Kirby, for example, may not be strong enough to pull a lever, but ten certainly are. Gamers will also need more than one Kirby to locate treasure and unlock mini-games.

The same concept applies to boss fights, where having a bunch of characters tips the odds in Kirby's favor. This is especially true when all of the characters increase in size and charge through the colorful landscape, stomping blocks and critters.

Even better, players can control different Kirbys in a variety of ways, launching them into the air or dashing across a stage. And when they need a lift, gamers can highlight all of the heroes and drag them upwards using the stylus.

In a way, they remind us of ants working together to complete a common goal, though on the positive side, a bunch of Kirbys look significantly cuter than multi-legged insects.

It's certainly a novel idea that should make for an enjoyable experience, as well as one final swan song for one of the greatest portables of all time. That said, be sure to put Kirby Mass Attack on your holiday wish list. In the meantime, check out the trailer and listen to the catchy music.