Jetpack Joyride

Hero Barry Steakfries vanquished the undead in Age of Zombies and slaughtered a plethora of creatures in Monster Dash. Now the tough as nails warrior will take his five-o-clock shadow to Machine Gun Jetpack, the latest action title from Halfbrick Studios. Although it's still a few months from release, this iPhone and iPad App seems like a pleasant distraction.

The game plays similar to Monster Dash in the sense that Barry constantly runs forward and it's your job to avoid hazards, except this time, he can fly via a jetpack that spits bullets from the bottom, raining gunfire on unsuspecting enemies below. Tapping the screen launches Steakfries into the air, where the goal is to weave between by a dangerous obstacle course full of electrified barriers, lasers, rockets and other things that do an excellent job making him dead.

Thankfully, the developers included power-ups that'll make navigating this tough and intimidating level a bit easier. One lets you ride Barry's Bad Ass Hog motorcycle from Monster Dash, while another allows you to teleport to specific areas. You can also turn things upside down with the Anti-Gravity Suit.

Meanwhile, you can purchase upgrades for the jetpack/outfits by collecting gold coins. We even spied a large coin that triggers a slot machine that rewards you with a series of prizes, including an extra life that picks up from where Barry croaked.

Whether or not this will be enough to stand out in a crowded "running" genre remains to be seen, but we'll gladly fork over $0.99 (the estimated price) to give Machine Gun Jetpack a go. We just hope the experience remains appealing after an hour.