JAWS: Ultimate Predator

Ripping people to shreds, destroying coast guard submarines and defeating a giant squid are but a handful of activities you'll presumably enjoy in Majesco's JAWS: Ultimate Predator, an undersea 3DS adventure that casts you as a 25-foot long, 5,000 pound eating machine.

Currently in development by n-Space (the same company behind Square Enix's 3DS title, Heroes of Ruin), the game takes place 35 years after the events in the iconic Steven Spielberg film, off the coast of Amity Island. For some unexplainable reason (good eats, most likely), another great white shark has zeroed in on the tiny community with one primary goal: cause as much havoc as inhumanly possible.

To do this, you'll swim around looking for trouble, which comes in all forms. In addition to the aforementioned squid and coast guard, you must also contend with hunting ships (feel free to take them down), killer whales and annoying divers inside cages (bust them up and feed on the gooey snacks within) while John Williams' celebrated JAWS soundtrack plays in the background.

You control the mammoth fish using the circle pad, and attack by pressing icons along the touch screen to perform ram, tail and corkscrew maneuvers, as well as dodge.

Take damage, a fact of life in such hostile territory, and you can regenerate health by snacking on those pesky humans and a variety of sea life. That said, battle scars stay with you, a grim reminder (or badge of honor) of a job well done.

Of course, if you need a break from the action, there's always treasure hunting. Find some, and you'll unlock secret items.

Finally, the game works in tandem with the 3DS camera to let you take images that it converts into 3D postcards, though we haven't seen this in action.

Although it remains to be seen whether JAWS: Ultimate Predator has what it takes to attract software starved 3DS owners, it's good to know that Majesco has some mature content coming to Nintendo's kid friendly system. Expect to take a bite out someone this fall.

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