Viruses really suck, especially the ones that mutate people into flesh-hungry freaks. While I'm sure sicknesses such as these just need a little orange juice to stamp them out, the concept makes for entertaining videogames, in particular Majesco and Planet Moon Studio's upcoming PSP title Infected. If you love blasting monsters into gooey chunks and running amok online, this game offers all that and more.

Anyone who's walked around in New York City already knows that blood thirsty freaks aren't exactly uncommon, but it's not on an epidemic scale, but such is the case in this game, where a mysterious virus is mutating hapless New Yorkers into violent monstrosities, and all this during Christmas time! What of the children!?! THE CHILLLLDDDRRENNN!!!

Anyway, Officer Stevens (make that "Rookie" Officer Stevens) is one of the few people who for some bizarre reason's immune to the virus, so with the help of a Dr. Schaeffer the two create these guns that can fire bullets that are filled with Steven's blood. When the blood touches an infected the monster explodes in a splash of red. So much for that poor sap's New Year's resolutions.

Infected is a third person shooter played form a behind the back perspective. The single-player campaign sees you running about the Big Apple disposing of its former model citizens by any means necessary, but for the most part it appears that you're only option will be to blow them to chunky bits. There's supposedly a multitude of weapons (some of which can be dual-wielded), and you can call in special attacks such as air strikes.

Unfortunately, that's about all that's known about the single-player campaign. However, Majesco has shed some light on Infected's multiplayer component, and I must say that it's quite intriguing. While the game's modes are of the standard variety (Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch), you're able to somehow "infect" your opponents' PSP systems when you defeat them, though the details of what'll actually happen when you do this are unknown. Of course, you're not actually ruining your friends' PSPs, but I'm sure whatever it is will lead to plenty of trash talking, especially since you'll be able to form clans, so you may want to stay away from that group of gamers over they look...sick.

Majesco hasn't released any videos of this game though early screens of Infected look promising. I'm not sure whether we'll see famous NYC locales but the environments sport a high level of polish, and the character models (which include these grey, skinless, and bleeding creatures) are just as impressive.

If the PSP needs anything it's fast-paced twitchy shooters and Infected will probably fill the gap nicely. Its high-level of action and cool 28 Days Later premise should appeal to horror as well as videogame fans. Unfortunately, it's not going to release until the fall, but since Planet Moon Studios needs this time to develop the game...well...I suppose the wait won't be all that bad.