Gravity Lab!

If there's one thing we love defying, it's gravity. The developers at Mobile Snap agree, and want us to scratch that itch with Gravity Lab!, a cool looking puzzle game for both iPhone and iPad, launching this summer.

Set in the presumably distant future, the game tasks you with collecting up to three stars per level with the help of a robot named Steve. To succeed, you point the adorable droid in a specific direction and send it through a bunch of multicolored blocks.

This is where the whole gravity concept comes into play. Launching Steve into these blocks causes a chain reaction that results in the objects hitting other blocks, and so on and so forth. The challenge comes from figuring out how get the blocks traveling along the intended path.

Thing is, each colored block moves in a different direction. Green ones go down, red ones go up, yellow blocks go to the right and the blue cubes move left. Then you have the gray blocks that just float around.

Thankfully, the developers help you along with trampolines, a turbine that pulls the blocks one way and specially marked pads that cause them to change direction.

As expected, the first couple of levels slowly guide you through the various mechanics, but don't expect a cakewalk by level 15; the App comes with an impressive 75 stages divided into three unique worlds.

In addition, there's GameCenter support, complete with achievements in case you need even more incentive to grab those stars.

From what we've heard, Gravity Lab! was submitted to Apple for approval, so it should arrive within the next couple of weeks. To that we say, the sooner the better.