Fight Night Champion

Next week marks the release of Fight Night Champion, the latest entry in EA Sports' celebrated boxing series. While most gamers will flock to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions, the publisher has an iPhone edition that looks impressive in its own right. If you enjoy punching people in the face, it could be a sweet mobile companion.

If you want variety, the game delivers, with a 20-man roster that includes a plethora of professional boxers across different weight classes. The list includes Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, Manny Pacquiao, Bernard Hopkins, Roy Jones Jr. and "The Golden Boy" Oscar De La Hoya, among others, all of which resemble their real life counterparts.

As for the actual fighting, EA replaced the analog sticks with gesture-based controls that let you tap and flick the screen to make your selected boxer duck, weave and jab. String these moves together, and you should have no trouble rocking your opponent with devastating rights and lefts.

Presentation wise, this Fight Night can't compare to its console brothers, but the game still looks impressive, with detailed characters and rings. As for audio, EA managed to get commentary from sports announcer Joe Tessitore.

Finally, the game lets you pound a friend's face via local Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Not the online feature we'd hoped for, but it's better than nothing.

Over the next week, you'll probably hear a lot of info about the console versions of Fight Night Champion, but don't forget about the iPhone. EA has a great chance of stealing some thunder from Super KO Boxing, and we'll let you know if this slick looking bruiser is worth the dough.