Devil May Cry 4 refrain

Capcom wowed fans with Devil May Cry 4 on consoles, and now the publisher plans to bring the hardcore action series to iPhone in the form of Devil May Cry 4 Refrain, a watered down but shockingly impressive version of the Xbox 360/PS3 smash hit that retains the familiar characters, weapons and even plus sized bosses.

This third person combo fest follows Nero, hero from the original game, who wields the Devil Bringer, a demonic arm that helps him plow through monsters. Combined with his sword and gun, he lays waste to countless enemies, some of which take up huge chunks of screen real estate.

Meanwhile, players will run across Dante (face of the DMC franchise) at multiple points throughout the adventure. Even better, Capcom has plans to release an update that makes him playable.

From what we've heard, the whole shebang includes ten stages with eight boss battles. In addition, players can upgrade Nero's abilities by snagging red orbs; they can even replay levels to grab more loot.

As for controls, they direct him with a virtual analog stick and press buttons for the sword/gun and devil bringer. The former work depending on Nero's distance from an enemy, as he whips out the blade for up close melee attacks and unloads countless rounds from afar; there's also a Normal mode that separates these attacks into two buttons. Players can even perform multiple combos, a series staple.

Meanwhile, DMC 4 Refrain looks incredible, with plenty of gothic locations, a variety of creatures and smooth combat that resembles the types of stuff we're used to seeing on PSP. Clearly, Capcom has come a long way in iPhone development.

On that note, we can't wait to get out hands on this one. Look for DMC 4 Refrain to hit the App Store end of January for $6.99, and a review shortly following its release.