Contre Jour HD

Chillingo's Storm in a Teacup is a tough act to follow, but developer Mokus appears to be up to the task. The Russian designer teamed with the publisher to create Contre Jour, a stylish and challenging App that is both a platform and puzzle game.

In it, you must guide the little prince Petit (essentially a blob with an eyeball) through 60 imaginative levels. The goal? Reach the end of a stage while collecting strategically placed blue orbs along the way; the more orbs you grab, the better the score.

How you play is what makes the game so intriguing. There is no traditional d-pad or face buttons. Instead, you manipulate the environment. Pressing one of the platforms, for instance, creates a hill that sends Petit tumbling to the ground (or ledge) below.

That's an easy way to set things in motion, but you may also need to make use of tentacles that (when pressed) attach to Petit and swing him through the air. Finally, air pockets blow the character all over the place, forcing you to think a couple steps ahead. No surprise, it's all in the timing.

Meanwhile, the game looks strikingly good, with black and white environments reminiscent of last year's critically acclaimed Xbox 360 Arcade title, Limbo. Just a lot of black and gray, though Mokus chose to mix things up with different colors in later stages.

All of this should make Contre Jour one of the App Store's biggest hits when it arrives for iPhone and iPad this July. We'll let you know if it's worth a download shortly following its highly anticipated release.