Collision Effect

One of the best things about puzzle games is the Zen like state a player experiences, that special moment when a he or she effortlessly drops blocks into place or lines up similarly colored gems like a pro. That's what Chillingo hopes to capture with Collision Effect, an upcoming iPhone and iPad game that sends you into space to manipulate energy balls called Zybbles, where the slightest mistake results in an explosion.

The App comes with two modes: Puzzle and Action. The former throws balls of different colors onto the screen, and it's your job to get the greens, blues, reds, etc to move towards each other. Tapping one green ball, for instance, automatically sets the others in motion, but therein lays the catch. If one of these green Zybbles touch a blue one, for example, they explode and the game ends. To prevent this from happening, you must put both the green and blue Zybbles in play simultaneously, paying close attention to their flight paths to avoid nasty collisions.

On the default setting, the Zybbles at a normal pace, but you can speed them up using buttons along the bottom of the screen. Just make sure you've solved the puzzle before doing this, as the slightest miscalculation could prove costly.

As for Action mode, all of the Zybbles move at the same time in various patterns and different speeds, forcing you to work at a more frantic pace. Power-ups also come into play that let you blow things up, slow down time and even encase Zybbles within shields.

Not only does this seem enjoyable, but the graphics also give Collision Effect a unique appearance, with an outer space background and cool little special effects, like sparks that erupt whenever two Zybbles of opposite colors narrowly miss each other. Nice touch.

Chillingo will release Collision Effect sometime this March, and we'll post a review in the near future.