Coconut Dodge

It's been so cold in New Jersey that we need something to get our minds off the snow, rock salt and black ice. Coconut Dodge may do just that. This charming tropical themed App originally debuted on PlayStation Network, and now Electronic Arts plans to bring it to iPhone and iPad this March, complete with bonus content never seen before.

As the title implies, it's your job to guide Clawrence the Crab (yes, Clawrence) back and forth across the beach, skillfully avoiding coconuts while collecting diamonds and rubies to bump up the score. In addition, you can bounce and then pop beach balls that in turn affect the game. Blue balls (it's OK to laugh at that one) temporarily slow things down, giving you a great opportunity to scuttle out of harm's way, Matrix style.

If moving like a sloth doesn't suit you, mash the turbo button. Press it once to give Clawrence a boost, then tap it twice for ludicrous speed. Just keep in mind that traveling this fast improves the odds of hitting coconuts, but hey, at least you get three lives per try.

Arcade mode comes with 30 levels of beach balling, diamond snagging fun, but there's also Maze Master mode. Here, the object is to identify patterns of coconuts and gems falling from the top of the screen and moving Clawrence into position accordingly. Hit the target score (3,000 points, for instance), and you'll unlock a new maze.

Finally, the game comes with a beach ball juggling level that, according to EA, makes this the definitive version of Coconut Dodge, just in case you feel like snubbing your nose at PSN users.

On the positive side, we like the game on PSP, so the iOS version should be even better. At the very least, it'll take us to someplace warm, albeit virtually.