Celebrity Bodyguard

[Editor's Note: This game is now called Celebrity Bodyguard.]

Critics poke fun at celebrities for being self absorbed drama queens, and some definitely fall into that category, but these rich men and women deserve some sympathy. After all, one crazed fanatic can tragically ruin a person's career. Then we have the paparazzi, a whole other matter entirely.

With this in mind, Bravo Game Studios drew on this fear to create The Bodyguard, a new iPhone App launching April 28. Not to be confused with the Whitney Houston/Kevin Costner film (though based on a similar premise), this game tasks you with protecting a bunch of celebrities at all costs, repelling whack jobs the only way you know how: extreme force.

This 2-D shooter takes place on the red carpet in what appears to be a cartoon version of Hollywood, complete with Bravo's interpretation of Grauman's Chinese Theater. Enemies appear from the right side of the screen, in the crowd and from windows, and you must dispose of these creeps with your pistol. As for the types of bad guys you'll face, expect snipers, rednecks, paparazzi and even some dude wearing a panda suit, AKA the PESTA protester.

Then we have the celebrities that bear a striking resemblance to some folks you've probably heard of. You know, Lady BlaBla, Rustin Beaver and Count Edvard. These terrified people cower behind your large, hulking frame. Kill enough bad guys, and you'll keep their star power up and stress level down. Do this for an unspecified period of time, and you can unleash a screen clearing star power attack.

It's a fun concept that should make for a cool shooter. Of course, we'll post a review as soon as The Bodyguard's ready for its closeup.