Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded

Nothing beats a good classic compilation of games you were playing in the yesteryear, either in the arcades or at home in a somewhat faithful translation to cartridge or CD form. Capcom managed to deliver the goods last year with the release of Capcom Classics Collection for the PS2 and Xbox, and struck again just last month with an even more diverse collection, Capcom Classics Collection Remixed for the PSP. Now they're striking yet again with their third gaming compilation in a little over a year's time, once again for the PSP. Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded is on its way, and should again carry gamers through hours of retro-stated bliss.

This time around, the collection boasts a little more familiarity than the last PSP release, as many of the games that were a big hit on the PS2 and Xbox version of the game are making the cut this time around. This includes three variations of the classic brawling game Street Fighter II (the original, Champion Edition, and Turbo Edition), `1942, Commando, Gunsmoke, Final Fight, and a few others. For those who want something new, however, don't fret, as Capcom is throwing in three extra games not released before in a home compilation.

The first is an innovative shooting game called Eco Fighters, which enables you to take control of some strangely-shifted flying vehicles as you blast away at environment-endangering enemies of all kinds. The game clearly follows the formula of other old Capcom shooters, including the likes of UN Squadron and Carrier Airwing (two titles which still need to be included in a classic collection, by the way).

The other two are brawlers that had originally been introduced in arcades and found a whole new life on the SNES in solid translations. King of Dragons lets you choose from generically named characters (like Elf and Wizard), and then take to the villages to bring down supernatural enemies and bosses using all sorts of blazing firepower and attacks. The other title, Knights of the Round, lets you choose from heroic knight characters of yesteryear, and then lets you loose on an army of evil knights and other enemies that wreak havoc across the land. They're both pretty cut and dry, but still offer loads of solid fun from the early 90's.

Like the last release, Reloaded will be filled up with extras galore. This time around, however, they have a new distribution system that has you playing slots on a classic Capcom slots machine. This allows you to work on your unlockable features, including the likes of concept art, playing tips, and secret codes. There's also multiplayer support aplenty, as long as two people have a copy of the same game, and this should be quite the bonus, especially with the Street Fighter and Final Fight games. Two always works better than one, remember?

Finally, the game will allow for some solid Game Sharing, letting you offer other gamers a taste of the Capcom goodness if they don't yet own a copy of the game. Capcom hasn't gone into extreme detail as to how this will work, but I'm sure we'll have a better idea in a couple of weeks, as the game is slated to be showcased on the floor at E3 2006. We'll be back with a more thorough hands-on report shortly, and give you the lowdown on this great compilation, due for release later this year. Now we just need another release for the consoles and we'll be good.