Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition

We were more than a little excited yesterday evening when the news broke that the long-awaited Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition had been given a launch date. This September 18th we'll finally get out hands on a tablet version of one of the most acclaimed RPGs in history. What can we expect from this re-imagined masterpiece?

As you might imagine, much of the work involved in bringing this new edition to life has focused on bringing a rather fiddly, strategic RPG system to the iPad's touchscreen. It's not all just tweaks and porting concerns however, as the developer's also taken on the challenge of allowing cross-platform multiplayer within the game. On the train with your iPad but fancy going into battle with your best friend at home? Both mobile and home-based gamers will be able to play the same game, at the same time, together.

As well as some very delicate refinements to the existing game, the Extended Edition will also offer players three new characters to take into battle. Rasaad yn Bashir is a wandering monk possessed of deadly close-quarters combat mastery. As well as adding around four hours of new adventuring content to the game, Rasaad's story will also take in a whole new area within the Baldur's Gate universe, the Cloud Peaks.

If you prefer to do damage from a distance, the second new character Neera the Wild Mage offers plenty of magical mischief for your party's benefit, as well as a new romantic side-story. As with Rasaad, Neera will also offer players an all-new area to adventure through.

The last character to make their presence known is Dorn Il-Khan, a grim and brooding warrior with a vicious assortment of melee tricks to carve enemies up with. He's not just handy with a sword though, he also knows a thing or two about the darker arts of magic.

On top of these new characters and spruced up visuals and gameplay elements, Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition will also feature a brand new adventure called The Black Pits. Every player of the game will receive a magical scroll during the campaign, through which they can travel to a hellish arena complex where you'll do battle against some of the game's most horrible enemies within fifteen increasingly dangerous arena combat zone.

Considering the refinements and new content planned for the game, we're very confident in Overhaul Games' ability to not just pay respect to a much-loved franchise, but also breath a little bit of modern day magic into this old classic. The countdown to the rebirth of one of gaming's finest RPGs starts now.