Army Corps of Hell

Nintendo's beloved strategy game, Pikmin (released in 2001) is one of those rated E yet surprisingly violent titles, where hundreds of innocent creatures meet tragic deaths.

This notwithstanding, the hero, Captain Olimar, didn't worship Satan, at least to our knowledge. Ultimately, parents had nothing to worry about.

The same cannot be said of Army Corps of Hell, Square Enix and Entersphere's Pikmin-like adventure for Sony's PlayStation Vita. Forget about trudging through attractive alien landscapes. This ultra violent game takes players straight into Lucifer's crib.

Similar to both Pikmin and Overlord, the goal is to use a bunch of minions (in this case, goblin soldiers) to do your bidding.

Who are you? The King of Hell, which implies Satan, but Square Enix appears to be a bit vague on the subject, especially with a story that involves the mighty patriarch getting kicked out of Hell. We doubt the actual Prince of Darkness would allow such a thing.

That said, you set off to reclaim the throne by any means necessary, disposing of the numerous enemies blocking your path.

On that note, you'll control up to 100 goblins at once, made up of different classes and abilities. Use them wisely, and you'll uncover new pieces of equipment and useful items. You can even discover rare treasures by teaming up with friends via ad-hoc multiplayer, where you'll join forces to tackle the game's tougher creatures.

From what we've seen, the game takes full advantage of Vita's many features, including the rear touch pad, which lets you perform a rhythm based mini game to heal your loyal followers.

In addition, there's both a crafting and leveling system to make the goblin horde stronger, thereby transforming the buggers into more efficient killing machines, blasting, eviscerating and even decapitating the many enemies they'll face.

Whether or not Army Corps of Hell will be any good remains to be seen, but thus far, we like the cut of its jib, or if the extreme gore is any indication, gibs. Look for it on PlayStation Vita sometime next year.