Alexandria Bloodshow

Last we checked, ancient Egypt and Greece never met on the battlefield, but don't tell Sega. The publisher happily dismisses this fact in the upcoming iPhone and iPad release, Alexandria Bloodshow, the sequel to the hit strategy game, Samurai Bloodshow.

No, the publisher didn't misread something in the history books. Rather, it set out to create a dream matchup between the two civilizations in a winner take all smack down that involves several types of units and even gods.

That said, the game carries a tower defense mechanic, but with a cool card battle system that lets you pull units from a deck of 125 plus. The Egypt side includes stone throwers, spearmen, camel archers, mummies (you have to have them) and a powerful dude by the name of Anubis, while the Greeks march forward with holy guards, wrestlers, crushers and a superstar of their own, the mighty Heracles.

The goal is to stand your ground against waves of progressively difficult enemies as you make your way across the Aegean, and you can play as either side.

With this in mind, you're free to compete against the computer, but in a cool twist, the game also comes with two player over Bluetooth and Wi-Fi; there's also online play. Seems like an ideal app to have on the go, especially when it comes to pulling cards from the deck to match wits with a friend. There may even be cloud saves, though we've yet to officially confirm this.

Even better, this all plays out across attractive looking murals featuring hieroglyphics and Greek pottery. Have to admit, the art looks quite stunning on the iPad.

Bottom line, Samurai Bloodshow was an unexpected surprise. Now Sega has a chance to refine the formula and produce a more in-depth strategy experience that could really go a long way to making this a long-standing and iOS exclusive series. Find out when Alexandria Bloodshow attempts to conquer the App Store this spring.