Crooked cops always want a piece of the action. Case in point, John "Loose" Kannon. Every day, Kannon puts his life on the line in the gang ridden streets of Los Angeles, California, doing whatever it takes to bring those scumbags to justice, even it means breaking the law.

This time, though, he and his team screwed up. Not only did they slaughter a local drug lord's brother, an act that automatically put a price on their heads, but Kannon and his buddies made off with millions in cash.

Now the only way out of this mess is to kill the gang leader hunting them by any means necessary.

Thus begins the story of 9mm, Gameloft's highly anticipated third person shooter inspired by John Woo's classic films and video games like Max Payne, True Crime and Stranglehold, with a sharp injection of hip-hop for good measure.

Devoid of stealth sequences, the game is full of fast-paced and brutal firefights, as you raise hell throughout the mean streets of LA doing what Kannon knows best: murdering lowlifes and extracting information the hard way.

The game sends you on a series of dangerous kill or be killed missions where you'll engage criminals using 16 different weapons, including a pistol, shotgun, sniper rifle, AK-47 and dual Uzis. You'll rush in guns blazing, or press a virtual button to go into bullet time, skillfully avoiding attacks while bathing enemies with a storm of hot lead.

In between mowing down bad guys, Kannon figures out where to go next by "interrogating" suspects, where you'll shake down gang members via quick time sequences.

The adventure spans 12 presumably thrilling missions that begin in LA but will take you all the way to Mexico as the narrative unfolds and bodies pile up.

Meanwhile, the developers have worked hard bringing this highly ambitious title (and Los Angeles) to life, designing crack houses, warehouses and other detailed locations, made possible using Gameloft's proprietary graphics engine.

This also involves creating the various cars you'll drive, though from what we've heard, 9mm doesn't feature an open world environment. Instead, the creators broke LA into set pieces, possibly to keep things running smoothly throughout.

On the audio front, an impressive team of voice actors lent their talents to each character, with full lip-synching to boot. There's also soundtrack fueled by hip-hop artists Apathy, Beanie Sigel, Freeway & Jake One, among others.

Then, beyond the single player campaign, there's a promising multiplayer component, where up to 12 gamers engage each other in free-for-all and team deathmatch across four maps, both locally and online.

All told, 9mm has a ton of potential and could be yet another quality hit from Gameloft for Android, iPhone and iPad. Look for the game tomorrow, July 14.