3DS Mystery Games: We'd Like To Know More

The 2011 holiday gaming season is in full swing, and while 3DS doesn't have as many hits as Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, the system received some gems, like Super Mario 3D Land and Tetris: Axis.

2012, meanwhile, looks incredible, with Luigi's Mansion 2 and Kid Icarus: Uprising contributing to a star studded year that also includes Resident Evil: Revelations and Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D.

Then there are the games we know little about, the ones just beyond the horizon. Some were merely announced, while others have multiple screens and videos readily available. Regardless, these potential hits are light on information, leaving us to daydream about the future.

On that note, we'd love to learn more about the following 3DS games.

Super Smash Bros.

Suffice to say, Nintendo fans (us included) drooled at the prospect of enjoying some intense Super Smash Bros. action on the go. Unfortunately, Nintendo remains mum on the details, refusing to discuss the official title, confirmed characters or whether it'll work in some respect with the Wii U Smash Bros.

Mario Tennis 3DS

Unlike Smash Bros., we've seen images from Mario's newest tennis game, and know the plumber, Luigi and a handful of other famous faces will make an appearance. Still waiting for a full list of competitors, how glasses free 3D impacts the game and online (or lack thereof) news.

Paper Mario 3DS

Thankfully, Nintendo's been quite generous with media, releasing both images and footage of the new Paper Mario in action, none of which say much about the story. We expect to see it on the shelf in time for holiday 2012.

The Legend of Zelda

This one's under tight lock and key at Nintendo's Japanese headquarters, no doubt. We know a new Zelda is in the works, but that's it. No plot, weapons or dungeon news to speak of.

Monster Hunter 4

Capcom surprised everyone when it switched the Monster Hunter franchise from Sony's PSP to 3DS with the highly anticipated Monster Hunter 4. The company also announced plans to bring a retooled version of the Wii hit, Monster Hunter Tri (called Monster Hunter 3G overseas) to 3DS December 10 in Japan.

We've played the Wii game and sort of know what to expect. Part four, though, remains a mystery. Will it have online play, unlike 3G? What about the monsters? How many of them are new versus old? Sorry, we cannot tell you, because we just don't know much about the game.