Transworld Endless Skater Cheats And Tips

Remember the PlayStation era, when you built combos and met scoring challenges with the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater games? Supervillain Studios does, and the developer just released a new mobile effort that'll rekindle fond memories. In Transworld Endless Skater, you'll achieve goals, level up your skateboarder and unlock new goodies as you grind your way through trick runs.

Don't worry if you're a newbie. We have tips that'll help you get the most from your run. Shred on!

How do I play Transworld Endless Skater?

When you first get started, you'll walk through a tutorial that shows you how the controls work. It's pretty basic stuff, though it can be overwhelming at first.

To push off and set Ollie jumps, you'll hold down your finger on the right middle part of the screen. From there, you'll adjust with tricks and grabs on different sections of the screen (it'll point out how to chain these together).

Another thing you'll want to take advantage of is grinding. With this, you're able to fly off a ramp, then tap the upper left corner of the screen to grind. From here, you can compete your run on the rail, or jump off, performing a trick to add extra points to the board. You can also lean your device left or right to execute spins - just make sure not to crash!

Again, it's a learning curve, but fully approachable - kind of the same way that the analog stick works for the PS Vita release Olli Olli. You just have to get used to it.

How do I choose the right skater in Transworld Endless Skater?

There are five to choose from, and they vary across a number of categories - Speed, Land, Air, Flip and Spin. It's best to try all five to see what each brings to the table, and then you can stick with your favorite from there.

Trying them out also introduces you to the scope of missions in the game, as each one has different ones available, tailor made for their skater. By completing these, you're able to earn cash, which you can use to turn around and purchase new attributes for, as well as new goods.

How should I level up my skater in Transworld Endless Skater?

It really depends on what you're looking for. Those of you who are privy to performing tricks may want to go with air, flip or spin, while others may find an advantage with improving their landing technique or general speed. It's best to try and keep them as balanced as you can, so your performance doesn't falter as you take on new missions.

How do I unlock new tricks in Transworld Endless Skater?

Go to your selected skateboarder and look up their trick list. There, you'll see the functions you need to perform to execute these tricks. Think of it as a primer that breaks down just what your skater is capable of. The more you perform, the better you'll be able to master their skills overall.

Do I need to pay for anything in Transworld Endless Skater?

You'll earn plenty of moolah over the course of the game, but if you're impatient and want to become the next Tony Hawk right away (video game equivalent, of course), you can spend a few extra bucks (anywhere from $1.99 to $6.99) to access a fat wad of cash, as well as additional gear that'll help you become a pro skater. It's completely optional, of course, and it helps to have the control system down before you invest.

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