Best iOS And Android Puzzle Games: June 2014

A mobile puzzle game is a terrific way to pass the time. You'll spend hours on end completing new levels, or trying to figure your way around what appears to be an unsolvable challenge, only to find the solution on a whim.

June contained a wealth of puzzle goodness, and here are the top five offerings for the month!

Candy Crush Saga (free)

Should it be any surprise that King's match-three game continues to be one of the most popular games around? Even though some of the later levels are diabolically hard (and will have you begging friends for lives), Candy Crush Saga continues to be a sweet little addiction after all these months of release.

Download Candy Crush Saga: iPhone and iPad | Android

Puzzle & Dragons (free)

If you prefer something outside the sugary sweet trappings of Candy Crush Saga, then GungHo Interactive's Puzzle & Dragons should do the trick. This game utilizes a matching style method, but surrounds it with excellent role-playing elements, making it an exciting new affair with each new dungeon you approach. How good is your creature collection?

Download Puzzle & Dragons: iPhone and iPad | Android

The Room ($0.99)

If traditional puzzle games aren't your thing, then Fireproof Games' The Room will be right up your alley. This 3D adventure requires you to solve puzzles in an effort to complete a mysterious story. Featuring lavish challenges and beautiful visuals, this is one of the better $1 games you can buy on the market.

Download The Room: iPhone and iPad | Android

TwoDots (free)

Introduced about a month ago, Betaworks One's TwoDots had no trouble climbing up the puzzle ranks. This simple yet entertaining puzzler has you clearing a small playfield of dots by connecting similarly colored ones together. It's got an ideal concept, one that players of any age can get into, but will take quite a while to master.

Download TwoDots: iPhone and iPad

Stick Death (free)

Finally, for a not-so-typical entry in the puzzle genre, we have one of the more popular free offerings on the Android market, the twisted Stick Death. In this game, you play a Final Destination-style route as you use objects strewn within a stage to lead a bunch of stick people to their demise. The video above gives you a small idea of what the game is about, but there are other levels with even more devastating ways for folks to meet their tragic end. Although not for the squeamish, Stick Death is a sick treat.

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