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Small Fry - Cheats And Tips | Review

Small Fry hit the app stores at the end of last week, and while the gameplay's pretty simple, it's a beautifully crafted little time-killer. We reviewed the game earlier this morning, now here are all of our essential tips for getting a great new high score in the game.

Keep an eye out for the distance meter that ticks downwards, because once it reaches zero you're in big trouble. This meter shows you how close the shark is to catching you up, gobbling you up, and then spitting you out into the menu screen.

If you want to get a little more distance between you and the ever-chasing shark in Small Fry, get airborne! To give yourself the best chance of catching a bubble, go for a deep dive into the ocean, then let go to get some serious height, and expose your fish to many more bubbles.

Landing on the bubbles precisely is a tricky art, so here's a few tips. First of all, don't descend until the last minute - Small Fry is not nearly as forgiving as other games like Tiny Wings, and you'll descend sharply with even light touches. Second of all, try to get multiple bounces off three or more bubbles if you can, so that you enter the game's boosted mode.


To get up into outer space, you need to find a way of propelling yourself high into the sky, above the cloud-line, and so into the bubbles that appear towards the top of the screen. You need to get plenty of consecutive bumps off the lower bubbles to pull this off, but once you touch a space-based bubble, you'll be automatically placed inside it.

So you're in space, rocketing along - what do you do now? The objective in the space portion of the game is to simply avoid the many asteroids floating around. To do this, use screen presses to control the height of your fish - just be aware that one bump will send you straight back down into the drink below.

If you can master the space section of the game, you'll find it much easier to survive down in the ocean depths. Popping three of the bubbles found in outer space will cause you to enter Nitro mode, which gives you the chance to survive two enemy hits.


Don't worry too much about collecting currency in the oceans until you've treated yourself to a coin magnet upgrade or too. You should collect enough money to do this through natural play, but its too easy to hit enemy fish if you deliberately aim for the cash in your early minutes with the game.

Getting high up in the sky is largely a question of building up plenty of speed on your down-swoop. That'll get your speed started up, but it's then crucial that you don't collide with any other fishes - if you do so, you'll lose a little speed.

Need to get your hands on more clams? Keep an eye on the challenges that constantly refresh as you work your way through them. If you're struggling to make progress because you're in need of an upgrade, focus on finishing up a handful of these to get the currency you need.


Focus on getting hold of power-ups before you spend money in the outfit store. There are lots of options for sprucing up your little fish, but these are purely cosmetic changes. Better to spend money on making money first.

Small Fry - Cheats And Tips | Review

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