Top Ten Best New iPhone & iPad Games - January 2014

Despite the festive break, a decent chunk of great titles hit the App Store during the month of December. From premium apps, to those that won't cost you a penny to dip in and experience for yourself, here's our round-up of the very best releases in that month.

10. Lawless

We had a blast playing Lawless, the new game from Mobage that has you leading a crew of hardened criminals determined to make the big scores and avoid jail for good. The game looks as good as it plays, and you can enjoy an awful lot of what's on offer without spending a single penny. Highly recommended for action fans.

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9. OMG: TD

If the tower-defense genre leaves you cold, there's little in OMG: TD that will change your mind, but those who still have an appetite for this bloated area of the App Store will be delighted by what's on offer here.

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8. Feed Me Oil 2

Feed Me Oil 2 is a little pricier than your average app, but we think fans of the original - not to mention newcomers - should get good value for money from the game. A huge selection of levels are on offer here, and there's more than one way to perfect each one, giving you yet another reason to come back for more.

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7. Papa Pear Saga

It's pretty obvious that the developers at had one eye on Peggle when they put together the core concept of Papa Pear Saga, but as long as you can put concerns about originality to one side, you'll have a blast in this new game from the masterminds behind Candy Crush Saga.

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6. Doctor Who: Legacy

TV and film tie-in games typically fare rather badly in the final analysis, but no such accusations can be made against Doctor Who: Legacy. A surprisingly strategic gem-matching game, it's clear that the developers have more than a little fondness for the Doctor, and have ensured that his fine name is put to good use in this pocket-sized game.

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5. Colossatron: Massive World Threat

Colossatron certainly isn't a game that can be accused of taking itself too seriously, and let's be honest, who doesn't fancy taking charge of a gigantic mechanical snake in order to unleash hell upon an entire city? There's more depth than you might expect in this game from the creators of Jetpack Joyride, and comes highly recommended.

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4. Angry Birds Go!

It was probably time for Rovio to branch out from the traditional Angry Birds gameplay at some point, but we'd never have guessed that new direction would take the form of a kart racing game. Still, we were more than a little impressed with Angry Birds Go, and it's a game you should definitely take for a spin if you're not yet sick of the Angry Birds universe.

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3. Cut The Rope 2

If you've ever even dabbled in mobile gaming, then chances are you've sampled at least a level or two of the Cut The Rope series. This first fully-fledged sequel introduces new characters, a decent chunk of new gameplay mechanics, and a generous selection of levels to slice your way through. An essential purchase for physics puzzling fans.

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2. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

It's unlikely a console has ever had a better big-budget send-off than that provided by GTA San Andreas for the PlayStation 2. Now you can enjoy the experience all over again on your mobile or tablet. The missions are still a little fiddly on touchscreens, but it's worth the price of entry just to cause chaos in one of Rockstar's finest sandboxes.

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1. The Room Two

Fireproof Games serve up another delicious slice of mystery and suspense in this fantastic sequel to its award-winning debut, The Room. The perfect riposte to those who decry touchscreen gaming, this sequel takes everything wonderful about the original game's tactile sense of exploration, and expands on it in every way.

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