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Castle Doombad - Cheats And Tips | Review

If you're a fan of tower defense games then you'll definitely want to check out Adult Swim Games' Castle Doombad. It's easily one of the most enjoyable games of the genre, one that combines serious strategic skills with a whimsical sense of humor - all in all, it's just too good to pass up.

Once you've grabbed the game, use these tips as a guide to help you become even more diabolical when it comes to keeping the princess protected.

How do I get more screams in Castle Doombad?

Screams help you unlock traps to use over the course of the stage. Arrow-shooting turrets, for example, cost 125 screams, while floor spikes will run you 75 screams.

You can earn screams directly from your captive princess, whose yelps automatically add 50 units of this currency to your arsenal. In addition, you can also lay down scream machines that will give you additional currency, and collect screams from certain enemies that are defeated in your castle.

Keep a steady supply coming at all times - you'll need them.

How do auto-traps work in Castle Doombad?

Auto-traps will activate whenever an enemy is in range, and will try to incapacitate them whenever possible. Some, like the acid dripper, keep running automatically, and they'll continue to do their work until an enemy destroys them. Once they've been obliterated, you'll want to lay down a similar trap in the same place, so that you don't become overrun. Balance is everything.


How do minions work in Castle Doombad?

Minions are loyal servants who chase after enemies in each stage and do significant damage to them. When you first begin, you'll only have access to a dog-like Lil' Minion, but as you proceed you'll unlock more devastating creatures, including the Bomb Minion, who explodes upon contact.

How do manual traps work in Castle Doombad?

Manual traps require your input in order to work. What you'll want to do is wait for an enemy to walk into your range, and then tap on the trap to activate it. These traps include a stomper that crushes anyone crossing underneath it, as well as a boot that kicks them off the stage. Others are unlocked as you play through the game.

Manual traps are quite powerful, but you can only use them once every minute or so, so make sure you save their impact for when each trap will do the most damage. They can really pack a punch against groups of enemies and stronger foes.


How do I manage my traps in Castle Doombad?

You have slots for up to four traps in the game. To swap one out, simply un-equip the highlighted trap and replace it with the one you want. Make sure you find a proper balance between the four trap types - have good distance weapons, like a fireball cannon or a turret, and some close-up traps to do some damage, such as the floor spikes. This careful planning will really pay off when it comes to protecting the princess from rescue.

How do the super power-ups work in Castle Doombad?

You'll have access to three very limited power-ups via icons in the left-hand corner of the screen. These are good "if all else fails" tools to help power you up in a crisis.

The first is a series of fireworks that eliminates all enemies that appear on screen. The second is a scream resetter, which temporarily moves all traps to "0" price, so you can lay down as many as you like within the allotted time frame. The final one is a shield that surrounds the princess, making her tougher for heroes to access.

You can only use these so many times in a stage though. Once you're done, you may need to buy more using the gold Doom-Shekels you collect from killing enemies. It's best to use them when you really need them the most.


Do I have to pay for anything in Castle Doombad?

The game itself is $2.99, and provides plenty of gameplay for your investment. You can pretty much grind through stages to earn additional Doom-Shekels, and eventually unlock much better traps. You can also earn Evilness to help expand your castle - and thus your grip on the princess. Muhahaha!

If you're impatient, however, you can purchase more Doom-Shekels and Evilness through a direct in-app purchase. These purchases are completely optional, though. You can unlock most of the content in the game with ease simply by playing through it. This is merely for those who can't wait to be truly diabolical.

Castle Doombad - Cheats And Tips | Review

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