Icycle: On Thin Ice Cheats And Tips

Icycle: On Thin Ice - Cheats And Tips | Review

Icycle: On Thin Ice took its sweet time coming to the App Store, but we were delighted to see the game turn up in this week's pile of new releases. We reviewed the game yesterday, now here are all of our top tips for getting the most out of it.

If you're struggling to complete one of the special extra challenges in Icycle, you can simplify the objectives to make things a bit easier. Each simplification will cost you a fair few chunks of ice though, so make sure you've had a good crack at them before caving in.

You can play the original Icycle from within the game by completing 80 special challenges. Don't spend too long trying to beat a challenge that has you completely stumped - move on and get a few more nailed to unlock this bonus content.


Collect enough special items and you'll unlock special Dream levels in the game, that offer an even more surreal experience than usual! You can see which items you need to unlock this bonus content by going to the upgrade tab, tapping on Dreams, and then selecting one of the two bonus levels currently available.

The key to getting more ice in Icycle: On Thin Ice is to simply take your time - unless of course there's a pressing danger that means you need to keep moving. To save time maxing out our ice, we tend to force a restart in dynamic levels where we've missed a handful.


When we spoke to Reece Millidge, creator of Icycle, at this year's Eurogamer Expo in London, he told us that many people get stuck in the opening section with the rolling snowball. Counter-intuitive though it is, sneak into that hole the rolling ball creates, and don't worry about it following you in from behind. As long as you keep pressing ahead, you'll be fine.

Certain sections of the game have you negotiating platforms that contain exploding crystals. Get into the habit of timing these explosions in the back of your mind, and get ready to move into your next position a second or so before you know the detonation is going to take place. That will give you a good balance between safety, and letting the road up ahead open up more.


Don't forget to use your umbrella when faced with a particular tricky series of jumps. This life-saving device can be used to slow down the action very helpfully, and let you concentrate on negotiating traps with much greater ease.

Unless you've got your eye on a particular piece of clothing, don't waste your ice currency too hastily on cosmetic items. Save them up for unlocking the bonus Dream content, and only pick up some extra pieces of clothing when you have nothing else practical to spend your ice on.

Icycle: On Thin Ice - Cheats And Tips | Review

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