Top 10 Best iPad Air PC Games

The last 12 months has seen an explosion in the number of PC developers bringing their best creations to tablets. With the upcoming release of the powerful iPad Air, we expect that number to increase even more in 2014.

Until then, here's our pick of the very best PC games that you can get for the iPad Air right now. Enjoy!

10. Might & Magic: Clash Of Heroes

Were you to describe Clash of Heroes as a match-three game, you'd really be doing it a huge disservice. There's so much more to the strategy of this massive puzzle game that there'll probably be another new iPad on store shelves before you've come close to mastering it. Capybara's masterpiece is a must-have title for your new iPad Air.

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9. Uplink

It's very unlikely that you'll use Uplink to show off the raw power of your new iPad Air, but don't be put off by appearances. Introversion's debut game is a true original that explores the world of hacking as viewed by Hollywood - and it will draw you in like few other games. If you like to truly immerse yourself into a gaming world, Uplink does an unexpectedly good job of it.

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8. Talisman Prologue HD

Those of you with a passion for classic fantasy table-top gaming will be delighted to learn that you can now take the board game on the go in this tablet edition. It's a surprisingly friendly Games Workshop title for complete newcomers too, so if you've always fancied dabbling in this side of gaming, your iPad Air is the perfect way to get to grips with it.

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7. Frozen Synapse

Have no doubt, you'll need plenty of patience to wrap you head around Mode7's hellishly tense tactical combat game Frozen Synapse, but the end result is absolutely worth it. Since the game's original release, the team have made a handful of tweaks to ensure the game really shines - and it'll certainly do that on your lightning-quick iPad Air.

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6. Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic

Until we eventually get our hands on a third Knights of the Old Republic game, reliving old memories of the original will simply have to do. Fortunately, your new iPad Air is the perfect way to enjoy this touchscreen edition of one of the best tactical RPG games to ever grace the PC. Here's hoping the game's successful enough for the sequel to see the light of day eventually.

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5. Magic 2014

The Magic series of card games make a compelling argument for tablet devices as the new home of card battle gaming. With all of the fuss of buffs and modifiers handled behind the scenes, you're free instead to concentrate on your next critical move, and admire the gorgeous artwork of the game - artwork that will never look better than on the screen of the new iPad Air.

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4. XCOM Enemy Unknown

We were as pleasantly surprised as everyone else to discover that Firaxis was bringing its outstanding PC strategy game to iPads. Tense, turn-based strategy is combined with equally tricky resource management to create one of our favorite games of 2013. On your iPad Air, you can expect the ultimate tablet experience of this critically acclaimed title.

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3. Limbo

We were worried that touch controls would take something away from the eery and magical world of Limbo, but a few minutes ofpractice is all that's needed to enjoy this modern masterpiece all over again. Black and white has never looked prettier, and there are enough genuine scares in the game to make you look thoroughly stupid in public. A must-have PC port for your iPad Air.

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2. Minecraft

It's hard to remember a time when the name Minecraft wasn't a part of the gaming language, and while this port of the classic PC sandbox game isn't quite the full experience of the original, it's still an essential download nevertheless. The talented team of developers continue to add to this Pocket Edition of the game with regular updates, and it's only a matter of time until it achieves complete parity with the PC version.

Download Minecraft: Pocket Edition - iPhone & iPad

1. Bastion

Bastion very deservedly picked up our 2012 Game of the Year award, and the tablet edition of the PC and console original remains one of our all-time favorite tablet games. Join The Kid on an epic isometric adventure that features some of the cleverest audio work in the history of gaming. Grab it for your iPad Air and you'll find out exactly what we're talking about.

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