The Best iPhone & iPad Racing Games - October 2013

Looking for a new racing game for your iPhone or iPad? Here's our pick of the ten best racers available from the App Store right now.

10. Racing Rivals

Like CSR Racing, it's all about fast reflexes in Cie Games' Racing Rivals, and while the game's inspirations are pretty transparent it's still an easy game to recommend to racing fans. The upgrade options provide plenty of tools for you to beat your friends with, but it's the fastest fingers that will ultimately emerge victorious.

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9. Offroad Legends

If you'd rather step into something just a little bigger - or plain ridiculous - then make sure Offroad Legends has a home on your device. In this game, it's all about taking charge of monster-trucks and 4x4s in this seriously impressive physics racer.

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8. MotoHeroz

RedLynx's physics-heavy MotoHeroz won't be to the tastes of purist racers, but we just couldn't leave it off the list. There are thirty tracks to master in the game, and while that might not sound like much, we promised you this tricky game will give you more than enough value for money.

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7. Riptide GP 2

If you fancy going truly off-road, check out Riptide GP 2, a jetski racing game from Vector Unit. The generous single-player career mode will keep you busy for ages, and then there's the online multiplayer for when you've truly mastered the game.

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6. Need For Speed: Most Wanted

The Need For Speed games have been a little hit-and-miss on mobile devices, but we still make the odd bit of time for Most Wanted. As well as featuring some superb scenery, the game also packs in plenty of cars to unlock and upgrade.

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5. Hill Climb Racing

For something very different, check out Hill Climb Racing. It's really not the most sophisticated game on our list, but it's deserved its high chart position thanks to its simple but satisfying physics racing gameplay.

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4. CSR Racing

Those with a very strong aversion to freemium gaming will likely find CSR Racing a little tough to stomach. It's a fine game, but your play sessions will be limited unless you pony up some cash. Still a very good reflex game if you need to kill a few minutes though.

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3. Fast & Furious 6: The Game

Considering this is a game based on a movie, we were impressed with just how good Fast & Furious 6 really is. This is no cheap cash-in - instead, you can expect a very slick looking game that packs in plenty of upgrade options and missions.

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2. Real Racing 2

Real Racing 3 would have had a place on this list were it not for the game's rather depressing freemium model - fortunately, Real Racing 2 provides just as many gorgeous tracks and cars for a pay-once price.

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1. Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8 is simply stunning. From the bleak landscapes of Iceland to the neon Tokyo night, this isn't just one of the best-looking racers around at the moment, it's also one of the best games period. The highpoint of the series, and a game we expect to do very well indeed when we tally up our games of the year in just a couple of months.

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