Ultima Forever: Quest For The Avatar Cheats and Tips

Ultima Forever made a decent transition to iOS devices for its mobile launch last week, although it has its fair share of problems too as we noted in our review. That shouldn't stop adventurers and fans from giving it a try though, since it's free-to-play and has plenty to offer.

Before you set out on your journey, we've put together some useful hints and tips to help you get started.


- Most of Ultima Forever's currency system is built around the concept of keys - typically bronze - which are littered around the ground after beating enemies. You use these to unlock goodies in treasure chests, but you may notice that some of the better rewards require a silver or gold key. If you don't feel like buying them right out with your real money, do a trade-up. A menu in-game provides an option to upgrade these basic keys, though it'll take some time to build up a moderate amount of gold ones. Just keep at it, or you can take advantage of the free key offers, also located in the sub-menu.

- When it comes to fighting tougher enemies, the "stick and move" style of combat works relatively well. Stab away at a foe, then step back when they attempt to counter-attack. Also, look out for a key opportunity to "back-stab", as they're much more vulnerable when attacked from the rear. This also saves you precious energy, and gives you a leg up when it comes to defeating them.


- Save your special abilities up for when you really need them. That's because they take several precious seconds to refill - and the last thing you want to do is leave yourself vulnerable and with only general strikes, particularly when you're up against groups or large bosses.

- Watch out for Unlimited Chests in the towns. These continuously offer up new items for your gold or silver keys, and they also come in handy if you're looking to try something new with your character. They're well worth tracking down.

- When trying out new items, see how they fare against smaller enemies. You might think at first that one set of armor works better than the other, but the only way to be sure is to see how much damage you take from an attack. Switching back out takes no time at all - and it might just save your life later on in the game.


- Use your potions wisely. There are plenty of health pick-ups to find after finishing most enemy battles, so you won't need to waste them here. Instead, save them up for the tougher boss encounters - once your meter starts flashing red, rejuvenate yourself and get back into the fight.

- Always keep an eye out for weakened walls. You may be able to get through them and access items on the other side.

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