Dark Avenger Cheats And Tips

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Dungeons are crawling with enemies in Gamevil's free-to-play hack-and-slash title, Dark Avenger, for iPhone and iPad. Armed with dual blades and other razor-sharp weapons, you'll battle your way through a variety of creature-filled stages solo, then test your skills against the world via online deathmatch. Don't get too carried away, since this game's monsters are capable of slaughtering your hero within seconds. That being the case, these cheats and tips will help turn the proverbial tide. [Download: iOS]


-It's wise to encircle enemies while keeping your distance. This baits creatures into swinging wildly. Wait until they stop attacking, then move in to strike.

-Break boxes and open chests to find gold, potions and valuable items.

-Have you stopped using weaker pieces of equipment? Sell them for gold.

-You cannot use potions one after the other. They work on cool down timers.

-Active Skills also work on cool down timers, where after using it once, you must wait until it is available again.

-It's wise to learn as many Active Skills as possible, but don't forget about Passive Skills to improve offense, defense and gold accumulation.

-You can learn Passive Skills instantly by spending either gold or gems.

-Select weapons and equipment (before equipping/purchasing) to see how these things will benefit the hero; additional health, mana, armor, etc.

-Replay missions for more gold.

-As you level up, go back to previously completed levels in Time Attack mode. Your added strength will allow you to beat these stages quickly.

-Make sure you have health and mana potions before heading into battle.

-Look for health wells during play. Walking up to one refills the character's HP 100 percent, but you can only use it once.

Tips From Gamevil

-Attack to charge rage. When rage mode is active, the attacking speed and damage increase momentarily.

-Rage is reset if the player receives a crucial hit or doesn't engage enemies.

-You cannot change or sell equipment during the battle.

-Items except Gold, Gems or BP cannot be shared amongst different characters.

-You can acquire BP at the Infinity Tower or during a Death Match.

-The items with colored names are superior to non-colored items.

-Closing other applications can improve the performance of the game.

-Clear Time Attack mode and receive 20 percent extra Gold and Forge Stones.

-Enemies too tough? Try forging your items. Forge Stones are required to upgrade.

-Skill upgrades are crucial when playing against tough enemies.

-You will lose all acquired items if you abandon a stage before completing it.

-Play to win a variety of rewards in Infinity Tower and Death Match modes.

-Try buying the amulet in the shop in order to improve your stats.

-Lowering the graphics option can improve your battery usage.

-Feeling lucky? See if you can hit the jackpot on a lucky box.

-Ranged enemies are usually weaker. Perhaps it would be wiser to kill them first.

-The summoned monster dies when its summoner is killed.

-Forge stones are required to upgrade the items greater than Magic grade. Forge Stones upgrade Level 1-15 items, Superior Stones upgrade Level 16-30 items and Elite Stones upgrade Level 31-40 items.