Gunslugs Cheats And Tips

Obliterate enemies with gunfire and grenades in Orangepixel's Gunslugs, a retro-inspired 2D shooter where enemies are plentiful and continues are extremely difficult to come by. Success involves having a very itchy trigger finger, slick platforming skills and of course, this cheats and tips guide.


You can only carry one weapon at once, and will lose the current weapon by walking over another.

Destroy boxes to find precious health packs and ammo.

All items, including gold coins, disappear. That said, be sure to pick everything up.

Hide in front of boxes and fire from behind cover. Just press and hold the arrow in the direction you're facing, then tap the shoot button.

You can move the buttons around by visiting the options menu. Go ahead and customize.

Enter buildings for chances to purchase continues, switch the music and visit bonus stages.

Once you exit a building, you cannot re-enter.

Put enough distance between your character and tanks to avoid taking fire.

Once you die, it's Game Over unless you purchased a continue.

Gunslugs randomly generates levels, so don't expect to find the same items in certain buildings.

There's no option for in-app purchase.

Touching a landmine automatically arms the device. Make sure you flee the blast radius. Same goes for explosive barrels.

All weapons can run out of ammunition, even the lowly pistol you begin the game with.

Your health does not refill between levels.

Press and hold the shoot button for auto fire.

To purchase something, place your character in front of the desired item and tap the jump button.

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